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ADC2GBM (Development of brain-permeable masked nanobody-drug conjugates to eliminate glioma stem cells)

Font de finançament:

Unió Europea


01/05/2022 a 30/04/2024

Tipologia del projecte:

Projecte Individual

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Entitat finançadora:

Comisión Europea (CE)


165,312 €

Innovative formulation to treat glioma using brain-permeable masked nanobody-drug conjugates.

The main objective of this proposal is to develop a masked nanobody-drug conjugate with the capacity to overcome the BBB and to be activated only in the tumour to selectively target GSCs.

The concept of GSC-targeting with activatable ADC may change the current paradigm for the treatment of brain tumours. Furthermore, our workflow may be applied to dramatically enhance the efficacy of other biotherapeutics with on-target off-site dose-limiting effects.