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Business and management

School of Management

Training leaders for the business world

One of the best centers for comprehensive training in the business field that stands out for offering Bachelor’s and Master’s academic programs in the areas of Business, Management, Marketing, Finance, Tourism and Hotel Management and Sustainability. Most of them taught in English with the possibility of learning a third language.

Our pedagogical approach is oriented towards academic excellence, combining theory and practice to prepare students not only with solid knowledge, but also with practical skills necessary to excel in their future corporate work environment.

Our mission is to train people with attitudes, knowledge and skills that enable and encourage them to create, lead and manage competitive organizations, standing out in the industrial and technological area, committed to excellence and justice, from deep values derived from a Christian conception of life. The Mission of the IQS School of Management emanates from the IQS Mission and is consistent with it.

Dean of IQS School of Management

Dr. Flavio Comim

“At IQS we offer our students a unique education that is highly regarded due to its history and tradition and characterized by academic excellence, an international calling, and global engagement, along with our attention to the ethical dimension of human relations, which is crucial for leadership, cooperation, innovation, and success in the business world.”


Educational Offering

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Research groups at IQS

IQS professors and researchers are organized into research groups based on common interests in certain scientific fields. They work together on established lines of research and also collaborate with external researchers from other universities, research centers and other entities or companies.

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