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Cutting-edge equipment

IQS has the infrastructure of scientific and technical facilities and equipment especially for these purposes, kept separate from teaching spaces.

Research and technology transfer activities require dedicated spaces. We have laboratories, pilot plants, workshops and other work units. Among them, it is worth mentioning the Processes and Integrative Technologies Transfer Centre (CTPTI).

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laboratories dedicated to management

Our laboratories and workshops

The largest Biotechnology Laboratory for educational purposes in the country.

Licensed Finance Laboratory to access real-time information on financial markets.

Neuro & Digital Marketing Lab equipped with advanced digital marketing software and state-of-the-art neuromarketing tools.

Centro de Transferencia de Processos y Tecnologías Integrativas (CTPTI), an infrastructure dedicated to advanced research and technology transfer.

IQS-SCIEX DEMO LAB to promote research in chemical analysis techniques based on high-resolution mass spectrometry.

Laboratories dedicated to teaching for each degree and master's program.


Discover our facilities

Research labs

Biotherapies Laboratory

The Biotehrapies Laboratory is specialized in the development of peptides and proteins, especially antibodies, with biomedical applications.

Photochemistry Laboratory

It focuses its research activity on photochemistry and the interrelationships of light with molecules, materials and biological systems. It carries out RDI activities and knowledge and technology transfer in solar photoprotection, cancer photochemotherapy, photoantimicrobial therapies and fluorescence imaging.

Laboratory of Circular Economy and Sustainability

Laboratory dedicated to promoting process integration (reaction-separation) and research into new technologies for the recovery and recycling of gaseous and aqueous effluents, as well as solid waste. The laboratory also has a unit to analyze the sustainability of processes both in the chemical industry and in the water treatment industry through process simulators and life cycle assessment software. It has a consolidated experience in the field of recovery and reuse of greenhouse gases (CO₂, fluorinated gases), water regeneration (through adsorption processes, advanced oxidation processes and membranes) and valorization of solid waste (bioplastics, determination of persistent pollutants).

Electrochemical Laboratory

Laboratory dedicated to the study of corrosion phenomena on materials in industrial plants and to the development of chemical cleaning processes. The nature and chemical composition of inorganic materials is studied by electron microscopy with microanalysis. Electrochemical analysis techniques are also used.

Environmental Laboratory

Laboratory specialised in the analysis of dioxins and other persistent organic pollutants in environmental matrices (atmospheric emissions and immissions, water, ash, waste, soil, etc.) as well as in products for human and animal food. Accredited by ENAC according to UNE EN ISO 17025.

Teaching laboratories

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