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Entrepreneurship and innovation

IQS Tech Factory

This is IQS Tech Factory

IQS Tech Factory is the entrepreneurship and innovation unit at IQS. We offer the entire IQS community – students, professors, staff, alumni, and entities within the IQS environment – a platform to promote entrepreneurial matters: from curiosity about understanding entrepreneurial initiatives to backing up the business idea itself to make it a reality. And always through action!

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What do we do?

  • Inspire

    IQS Tech Factory carries out activities aimed at showcasing relevant startups within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, enhancing the generation of business ideas, and establishing connections with corporations to provide innovative solutions through disruptive ideas by tackling real problems.

  • Educate

    Taking advantage of the fact that IQS is an institution with a strong educational heritage, we prepare training activities as part of and beyond the scope of official courses to delve deeper into aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation led by expert professionals. In addition, we offer the possibility of carrying out internships and projects at startups within the IQS Tech Factory environment.

  • Incubate

    Do you have a business idea but there are still aspects that need to be polished? Can you envision the business but need to know more about its technical feasibility? Regardless of the stage you are in, get in touch with IQS Tech Factory and we’ll help you with whatever you need. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy and we have experts who will help you achieve the validation of your business idea.

  • Accelerate

    We are fortunate to form part of one of the best entrepreneurial ecosystems in southern Europe, and Barcelona is at the forefront of creating new companies with a strong technological component. We have a collaborative network that allows us to launch your business into orbit once you decide to change gear and start your entrepreneurial journey. You can always count on the support of IQS Tech Factory and our team of mentors to address any possible doubts that might arise along the way.

Find out about our startups!

If you’re interested in finding out which startups were launched at IQS and you want to discover
our network of entrepreneurs, take a look at the IQS Startup Hub. Don’t forget, you can be just like them and start your entrepreneurial journey too.


Being an entrepreneur has always been a possibility, and it was once called being a young businessperson, but due to inexperience, not age. Nowadays there are countless tools for learning more about the ins and outs of developing your own business idea, learning from the mistakes you and others have made, and helping out others who plan on starting a business initiative by focusing on the entire 360°. Since 2016, IQS Tech Factory has been available to support any entrepreneurial matters, whether or not they lead to the creation of a business.

If you have a business idea, you’ve come to the right place. IQS Tech Factory listens to your concerns and takes you to the next level. To do this, we need you to explain a little bit about what stage you are currently in by filling out this form so we can better focus our efforts.

Science + business = IQS Tech Factory

One of the greatest strengths at IQS is combining the School of Engineering and the School of Management on a single campus where the synergies between them facilitate a 360° vision of any business challenge. IQS is proud to create a unique strategic collaboration between the business network in our city and entrepreneurs and already established startups. This network of connections enables new entrepreneurs to advance their business ideas with the backup support to become extraordinary founders and directors.

Do you have a business idea but still need to polish its technical development? Have you developed a technology that you think has market potential? Do you work for a company and have an idea that would revolutionize your department?

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