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CORPGOV – Corporate Governance

2021 SGR 01296


The Research Group on Corporate Governance (CORPGOV) is a research group at Universitat Ramon Llull that is currently recognized by AGAUR as a Consolidated Research Group.

The aim of the CORPGOV research group is to study the mechanisms and practices that influence the way corporations are managed, controlled, and directed. The group focuses on exploring the relationships among different stakeholders in the corporate governance process, such as shareholders, managers, directors, employees, regulators, and society at large.

The group devotes special attention to the following topics:

  • Board of directors: Examining the composition, structure, and roles of boards of directors, including the gender and diversity of board members, the impact of these issues on firm performance, and the effectiveness of board oversight.
  • Executive compensation: Analyzing the design and effects of executive compensation packages, including the link between pay and performance, the influence of pay on managerial behavior, and the role of shareholder activism in shaping executive pay.
  • Audit quality: Auditing is a critical control mechanism that helps to ensure good governance by providing an independent and objective assessment of an organization’s financial performance and internal control systems.
  • Shareholder activism: Investigating the role of activist shareholders in promoting corporate governance reforms, including their strategies, motivations, and impact on firm performance.
  • Institutional investors: Studying the behavior and influence of institutional investors, such as pension funds and asset managers, in shaping corporate governance practices, including their engagement with companies, voting patterns, and investment strategies.
  • Corporate social responsibility: Examining the role of corporations in addressing environmental, social, and governance issues, including their voluntary initiatives, stakeholder engagement, and social impact.
  • Overall, the CORPGOV research group aims to contribute to the understanding of how corporations can be governed in a way that promotes long-term value creation, accountability, and social responsibility.