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Scientific and technological research is one of the activities of IQS as a university centre. It is part of our mission to contribute to science and technology for the economic and social progress. Thus, we make our knowledge, experience, infrastructures and capacities available to society in order to develop RDI projects that allow us to generate new technologies, products and processes for industrial application to improve the level of sustainability, welfare and social prosperity.

Most of our research projects are funded by various public entities or private foundations. Some are carried out individually, although collaborative projects with other entities such as companies, hospitals, research centres and other universities, both in our immediate geographical environment and internationally, are more common.


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Oceanic (microcápsulas con ingredientes activos para la cosmética capilar)

Nuevas microcápsulas libres de microplásticos para el encapsulado de ingredientes activos y su aplicación en cosmética capilar
GEMAT – Materials Engineering

CAPTAPUR (Captura de CO2 d’alta puresa mitjançant adsorció oscil·lant)

Planta operativa de captura de CO2 d'alta puresa en entorns industrials reals
GESPA – Engineering and Simulation of Environmental Processes Group

Persam (Wearable flexible perspiration biosensor for the detection of liver diseases)

Development of a wearable flexible perspiration biosensor for the prevention of hepatic encephalitis and other liver diseases
GEMAT – Materials Engineering

Llampec (Espectrofotòmetre làser per a l’estudi de processos fotoquímics ultraràpids)

Desenvolupament d'un espectrofotòmetre làser de baix cost per a l'estudi de processos fotoquímics ultraràpids
AppLightChem – Applied Photobiological Chemistry

AUXSTENT (Stent for pediatric aortic coarctation treatment)

Flexible stents that adapt to the arterial changes caused by natural growth to treat paediatric aortic coarctation
GEPI – Industrial Products Engineering Group

Neuromarketing Solutions (Services for the Catalan business ecosystem)

Neuro and biosensors consumer behavior 
CONHATIVE – Consumer Behavior Perspectives

VEG4COS (Cosmètica sostenible basada en cèl·lules mare vegetals)

Canvi de paradigma en la tecnologia de producció dels principis cosmètics
GEMAT – Materials Engineering

VALUENFT (Sustainable and risky value drivers from a neurobiological perspective)

Responsible commercialization of blockchain technology and preventing potentially harmful consequences
CONHATIVE – Consumer Behavior Perspectives

EUROFUSION (European Research Roadmap for Nuclear Fusion)

Implementation of activities described in the Roadmap to Fusion during Horizon Europe through a joint programme of the members of the EUROfusion consortium.
EQBA – Electrochemistry and Bioanalysis Group

HYDROMIRNA (Tratamiento del pie diabético con nanopartículas de micro-ARN)

Terapias basadas en la administración y dosificación de nanopartículas cargadas con micro-ARN como material terapeutico
GEMAT – Materials Engineering

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