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Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering

You will be prepared to join the workforce as a professional, researcher, manager, or entrepreneur within the chemistry sector. You will gain knowledge to help develop, research, and prepare products, processes, and services, not to mention industrial management and cost optimization skills. The methodology is based on working on real projects in large companies.

Key information


1 ½ years


90 ECTS credits


September 2024


Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 2:30 pm



Hours of laboratory work

More than 50% of credit hours are dedicated to laboratory work

Why study the Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering at IQS?

Possibility of carrying out projects with leading companies in the sector such as Covestro, Repsol, and BASF.

Subjects such as Process Simulation and Optimization, Industrial Safety, and Process Control Systems are taught by leading industry professionals.

Possibility of completing your Master Thesis with international companies or universities.

More than 50% of the teaching content takes place in the laboratory.


More than 8,700 m2 of laboratories and workshops

At IQS, students work in laboratories and workshops equipped with the latest technologies. We have specific laboratories for the Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, where you can put into practice everything you learn during your studies.

Objectives and competences

Subject ECTS
Project I 6
Processes and products 3
Functional design 3
Simulation and optimisation of processes 3
Fluid dynamics 3
Industrial safety 8
Project II 3
Materials and Corrosion 3
Process Control Systems 3
Structures and industrial buildings 3
Electrical technology 3
Energy and environment 3
Optional subject 1 3
Optional subject 2 3
Subject ECTS
Project Management 3
Innovation and Information Management 3
Costs and Business Economy 3
Optional subject 1 3
Optional subject 2 3
Subject ECTS
Sustainable Engineering 3
Design of Experiments 3
Nanotechnology 3
Scale-up 3
Formulation Science and Technology 3
Data Analysis 3
Facility Management 3
Materials Management and Logistics 3
Subject ECTS
Master Thesis 30

Research lines

  • Study of biotechnological processes with microorganisms: obtaining corn transglutaminase in Escherichia coli and Pichia pastoris.

  • Adjustment of controllers.

  • Application of finite elements to the simulation of complex vascular and neurological environments.

  • Simulation of complex processes using object-oriented software.

  • Development of software for computer-assisted teaching.

  • Development of non-polluting industrial processes.

  • Minimization, recycling, and recovery of by-products and waste from the chemical industry.

  • Risk assessment in industrial processes: quantitative risk analysis.

  • Thermal analysis and calorimetry applications.

  • Intensification of processes for Fine Chemistry and Specialties: continuous reactors and continuous separation techniques based on absorption.

  • Numerical simulation of processes: simulation in steady state and dynamic mode; computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

  • Waste recovery, with a special focus on the generation of energy from agro-industrial waste.

Your career starts here

At IQS your professional and career expectations are greater because you’ll be in contact with the most cutting-edge companies in the sector from the very first day. The Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering will enable you to choose from among a wide array of jobs.

Career opportunities

  • Become a professional in the chemistry sector and related industries.

    Basic engineering, facilities maintenance, and up to general management, with R&D leadership, production management, and much more along the way.

  • You may also decide to form your own company or join academia as a professor or researcher.

  • Join a wide variety of industries.

    Food and consumer products, coatings and paints, textiles, lubricants, paper, active pharmaceutical ingredients, polymers and transformations, environment, fuel and energy treatments, and many others.

  • Laboratory Manager.

  • Independent professional conducting audits and certifications.

  • Head of Operations.

In-company Internship

With the Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, if you want to expand your practical preparation during your studies at IQS, you can do optional internships with research centres or paid internships with companies in the sector between your second and third semesters.

IQS Career Services

IQS is committed to quality and has different processes in place to ensure continuous improvement through the IQS School of Engineering Quality Committee.

Since 1995, the IQS School of Engineering has featured a Quality Management Unit. Initially, the efforts were related to the Technical Services that IQS provides to industries, companies, and governmental entities.

Since 2000, many of its actions have been aimed at implementing a quality system in the field of teaching. The manual of the Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIC) for the IQS School of Engineering within Ramon Llull University (URL) was presented to the AQU for evaluation in the 2009 AUDIT call and holds a favourable review as of 22 April 2010. The Quality Assessment Committee of AQU Catalunya met on 11 December 2012 and ratified the extension of the SGIC design to consider the addition of the IQS School of Management AUDIT programme. The Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering has passed the accreditation process of AQU Catalunya, in accordance with the Framework, for the verification, monitoring, modification, and accreditation of official university degrees (2010). Ramon Llull University (URL) and its centres already boast a long history of developing policies, strategies, and actions focused on guaranteeing the quality of their degrees, teaching activity, and research and management.

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