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ADAMIQS – Applied Data Analytics and Modeling IQS

2021 SGR 00518


The goal of this group is the application of data analytics and modeling techniques to the different areas of expertise of IQS (i.e. biosciences, engineering and social sciences) and the teaching of these techniques in higher education.

It is recognised by AGAUR as an Emerging Research Group.
The group specializes in:
-Unstructured data analytics and semantic modeling applied to engineering and management
-Multivariate modeling in biosciences with experimental and synthetic data
-Analytics and modeling of social systems
-Analytics in higher education
-Active learning methodologies in STEM higher education
-Optimization and design of experiments methodologies

In this environment ADAMIQS provides the following technological, consulting, and RD services:

  • Design of in company training courses on quantitative methods, specialized software (Excel, R, Gretl, among others), management and design of experiments.
  • Design of training courses for teachers focused on the areas of expertise of the group
  • Analytic interpretation of data related to web activity and educational environment usage
  • Support in the analysis and interpretation of questionnaire data
  • Support in the design and development of simulations and interactive resources for teaching in STEM areas (sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics) and management

Research projects