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Master’s Degree in International Marketing in a Digital Environment

Career opportunities

The Dual Master’s Degree in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management features two tracks:

  • A professional track for students who want to gain knowledge to work as marketing professionals in companies that do business in international markets, or for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business project.
  • A research track for students who wish to do their doctoral thesis (in this case 12 research ECTS must be completed, as specified in the course details of the elective subjects) and want to pursue a doctoral degree from the IQS School of Management doctoral programme.

Once you have completed your marketing studies and are a graduate of the Dual Master’s Degree in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management, the IQS School of Management makes the Career Services office available to you. This service will support you in your professional development and in finding job opportunities through our extensive network of companies that collaborate with the IQS Job Exchange.

  • Marketing Director

  • Communications Director

  • Brand/Product Manager

  • Key Account Manager

  • Commercial/Sales Director

  • Marketing Researcher

  • Marketing Analyst

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Communication and Advertising Specialist

The Dual Master’s Degree in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management provides specialized training in international marketing, digital marketing, and sales management, combining academic rigour with practical application. You will develop skills that will allow you to launch a career in marketing in international companies.

Key information


1 academic year


60 + 9 ECTS Credits


October 2024


Monday to Friday: 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm



Intended for:

Students who have a degree in business, economics, or management.

Why study the Master’s Degree in International Marketing in a Digital Environment at IQS?

Neuro&Digital Marketing Lab where students can work on their analytical skills.

Discover the latest trends in international marketing and digital marketing in a global environment.

Faculty made up of professionals from Spain and abroad.

Gain work experience with in-company internships.

Neuro & Digital Marketing Lab

The Neuro & Digital Marketing Lab at IQS is an innovative physical space equipped with advanced digital marketing software and state-of-the-art neuromarketing tools that enables consumer behaviour research in order to develop products and services tailored to consumer needs.

This new laboratory helps to improve students’ digital and analytical skills in a collaborative environment as they can participate in creating and analysing results that study consumer behaviour.

Objectives and competences


At the end of the 69 ECTS credit hours, students will earn the Official Master’s Degree in International Marketing in a Digital Environment and the URL-specific Master’s Degree in International Marketing & Sales Management issued by IQS–Ramon Llull University.

The programme offers a wide selection of courses that combine theory and hands-on work, allowing you to gain in-depth knowledge of international marketing in a digital environment, from international marketing strategy to digital marketing. The classes are held in the afternoon and evening and are compatible with electives, internships, or part-time work (if applicable).

Master’s Degree in Marketing in a Digital Environment

Check the curriculum

Master’s Degree in International Marketing & Sales Management

Admissions process

Apply for admission

Once you have completed your registration, the system will assign you a user number then you must create a password. You can check the status of your application at any time with this login information.

If you are an IQS student, you must pre-register directly from your SIGMA profile. Enter your username and password and go to official studies/pre-registration.

Documentation to upload

  • Your undergraduate degree, if you have finished your studies. If you studied outside the European Union, your degree must be apostilled and legalized for the enrolment step.
  • Your most up-to-date academic transcripts, with your grade point average on a scale of 0-10.
  • 1 passport-style photograph in colour with a white background in jpg format (176×220 pixels).
  • Photocopy of valid ID card on both sides or passport bio-data page.
  • Document certifying your English level as required in your programme of choice (see the Language requirements section in point number 5).
  • If you completed undergraduate studies outside the European Union that grant you access to graduate-level studies, you must provide a certificate issued by your home university confirming that the degree you earned enables you to access master’s degree studies in the country where your undergraduate degree was earned. You can download the certificate template here.


  • Payment of €100 by credit or debit card to open and process your application.
  • It is only refunded in the event of non-admission.
  • If you make the payment from outside of Spain, you must do so through Flywire:

The master’s degree coordinator will contact you for an interview. Subsequently, IQS will notify you by email on the decision regarding your admission.

Once admitted, you have a period of two weeks to make your pre-enrolment payment. You must pay a pre-enrolment tuition fee of €1,000. The pre-enrolment payment is non-refundable and does not entail an additional cost as it will be deducted from the total tuition fees once your enrolment is finalized.

If you make the payment from outside of Spain, you must do so through Flywire:

If you are a non-EU student, you will receive your visa letter once IQS has received your pre-enrolment payment.

Once the enrolment period has opened, and if you have completed the previous stages, you will receive an email from the IQS Registrar’s Office with the credentials and instructions you need to proceed with your enrolment.

Using your credentials, start your session on the SIGMA academic management application and formalize your enrolment by indicating the payment method.

Scholarships and financial aid

IQS offers scholarships and financial aid to students who wish to study a master’s degree at IQS and who have completed their undergraduate studies at another university. We also provide scholarships for academic excellence, financial need, and international students.

IQS is strongly committed to quality and has different processes in place to ensure ongoing improvement through the IQS School of Management Quality Committee.

The Master’s Degree in International Marketing in a Digital Environment is an official master’s degree accredited by the University System of Catalonia Quality Agency (AQU). The Master’s Degree in International Marketing and Sales Management is a private master’s degree from Ramon Llull University.

In addition, the IQS School of Management has developed a quality audit system, called the Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIQ), which received a positive review from the AQU on 13 December 2012.

IQS is accredited by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, USA), the leading international accreditation entity for studies in the areas of business and accounting. The Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral studies at the IQS School of Management hold this accreditation and international recognition.

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