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Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering

Your career starts here

At IQS your professional and career expectations are greater because you’ll be in contact with the most cutting-edge companies in the sector from the very first day. The Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering will enable you to choose from among a wide array of jobs.

Career opportunities

  • Become a professional in various industrial sectors

    Positions in academic or industrial research, development, and production in the chemical, materials, biomedical, and other industries.

  • Join universities and research centres

    Academic research and technology transfer professional.

  • Launch a career within the field of teaching

  • Project management

  • Materials design and production

  • Quality control

In-company Internship

In-company internships are not mandatory as part of the Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering curriculum. However, if you want to expand your practical preparation during your studies at IQS, you can do internships with research centres or internships with companies in the sector between your second and third semesters.

IQS Career Services

This innovative master’s degree provides advanced knowledge and professional training with a profile applied to the research and development of products, processes, and services. You will become a versatile researcher and an expert in the most innovative materials, from nanomaterials to biomaterials. You will carry out experimental laboratory work with materials characterization and production techniques in advanced technological laboratories.

Key information


1 ½ years


90 ECTS credits


September 2024


Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 2:30 pm


Spanish and English

Hours of laboratory work

More than 50% of credit hours are dedicated to laboratory work

Why study the Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering at IQS?

More than 50% of the teaching content is done through laboratory work and real projects with companies in the sector.

Close contact and collaboration with companies, startups, and spinoffs in the sector.

IQS Job Exchange and Professional Intensification Program (PIP).

Possibility of completing your Master Thesis with international companies or universities.


More than 8,700 m2 of laboratories and workshops

At IQS, students work in laboratories and workshops equipped with the latest technologies. We have specific laboratories for the Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering, where you can put into practice everything you learn during your studies.

Objectives and competences

Subject ECTS
Ceramic Materials 4
Metallic Materials and Special Alloys 4
Polymers and Composite Materials 4
Characterization of the Composition and Microstructure of Materials 5
Characterization of Mechanical Behaviour and Other Properties 4
Advanced Materials Synthesis Laboratory 8
Subject ECTS
Biomaterials and Biomedical Applications 4
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 4
Materials Technology Laboratory: From Materials to Products and Devices 8
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminars 3
Project Management, Quality, and Intellectual Property 4
Subject ECTS
Surface Engineering 4
Corrosion and Degradation of Materials 4
Sustainable Engineering 4
Manufacturing Technologies 4
Experience Design 4
Formulations 4
Subject ECTS
Master Thesis 30

The curriculum provides specialization in materials, with a special emphasis on knowledge about biomaterials, nanomaterials, project management, quality management, and intellectual property.

Students must choose two subjects from the electives module.


Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering Modules

Admissions process

Apply for admission

Once you have completed your registration, the system will assign you a user number then you must create a password. You can check the status of your application at any time with this login information.

If you are an IQS student, you must pre-register directly from your SIGMA profile. Enter your username and password and go to official studies/pre-registration.

Documentation to upload

  • Your undergraduate degree, if you have finished your studies. If you studied outside the European Union, your degree must be apostilled and legalized for the enrolment step.
  • Your most up-to-date academic transcripts, with your grade point average on a scale of 0-10.
  • 1 passport-style photograph in colour with a white background in jpg format (176×220 pixels).
  • Photocopy of valid ID card on both sides or passport bio-data page.
  • Document certifying your English level as required in your programme of choice (see the Language requirements section in point number 5).
  • If you completed undergraduate studies outside the European Union that grant you access to graduate-level studies, you must provide a certificate issued by your home university confirming that the degree you earned enables you to access master’s degree studies in the country where your undergraduate degree was earned. You can download the certificate template here.


  • Payment of €100 by credit or debit card to open and process your application.
  • It is only refunded in the event of non-admission.
  • If you make the payment from outside of Spain, you must do so through Flywire:

The master’s degree coordinator will contact you for an interview. Subsequently, IQS will notify you by email on the decision regarding your admission.

Once admitted, you have a period of two weeks to make your pre-enrolment payment. You must pay a pre-enrolment tuition fee of €1,000. The pre-enrolment payment is non-refundable and does not entail an additional cost as it will be deducted from the total tuition fees once your enrolment is finalized.


If you make the payment from outside of Spain, you must do so through Flywire:


If you are a non-EU student, you will receive your visa letter once IQS has received your pre-enrolment payment.

Once the enrolment period has opened, and if you have completed the previous stages, you will receive an email from the IQS Registrar’s Office with the credentials and instructions you need to proceed with your enrolment.


Using your credentials, start your session on the SIGMA academic management application and formalize your enrolment by indicating the payment method.

Scholarships and financial aid

IQS offers scholarships and financial aid to students who wish to study a master’s degree at IQS and who have completed their undergraduate studies at another university. We also provide scholarships for academic excellence, financial need, and international students.

IQS is committed to quality and has different processes in place to ensure continuous improvement through the IQS School of Engineering Quality Committee.

Since 1995, the IQS School of Engineering has featured a Quality Management Unit. Initially, the efforts were related to the Technical Services that IQS provides to industries, companies, and governmental entities.

Since 2000, many of its actions have been aimed at implementing a quality system in the field of teaching. The manual of the Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIC) for the IQS School of Engineering within Ramon Llull University (URL) was presented to the AQU for evaluation in the 2009 AUDIT call and holds a favourable review as of 22 April 2010. The Quality Assessment Committee of AQU Catalunya met on 11 December 2012 and ratified the extension of the SGIC design to consider the addition of the IQS School of Management AUDIT programme. The Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering has passed the accreditation process of AQU Catalunya, in accordance with the Framework, for the verification, monitoring, modification, and accreditation of official university degrees (2010). Ramon Llull University (URL) and its centres already boast a long history of developing policies, strategies, and actions focused on guaranteeing the quality of their degrees, teaching activity, research, and management.

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