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Ana Belén Cuenca González, PhD

Head of CRISOL Group - Professor

Department of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Degree in Pharmacy (U. Valencia 1996)
PhD in Pharmacy (Organic Chemistry, U. Valencia, 2001)
Post-doctoral stay in “Institut de Recherche de Chimie Organique Fine (IRCOF), CNRS” (Rouen, France, 2002-04)
Post-doctoral fellow in “Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)” (USA, Prof. Stephen L. Buchwald, 2004-06)
Juan de la Cierva/Consolider (U. Valencia, 2006-13)
Assistant Professor (U. Valencia, 2011-13)
Senior researcher in(URV, 2013-2016)
Invited researcher in (U. Tokyo, Japan, Prof. M. Fujita, 2015)


Professor, 2023
Associate Professor, 2021
Head of the Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, 2021

Research lines

  • New synthetic methodologies using reactive intermediates based on halogen, boron and silicon atoms for the formation of C-C and C-X bonds.
  • Application in the synthesis and development of platforms of biological interest