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Judith Báguena Polo, PhD

Quality Unit

Department of Analytical and Applied Chemistry


Ph.D. in Chemistry (2008, URL)
Environmental Master (2000, IQS).
Chemical Engineer (1999, IQS)
Degree in Chemistry (1997, URL)


Assistant Professor (2004- )

Coordinator of Chemical Degree (2020- )
Responsible for the Quality Management IQS School of Engineering (2000- )

Research lines

  • Quality management in chemical laboratories: validation of analytical procedures and metrological confirmation of equipment.
  • Quality management in higher education university studies.




Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry

With the IQS Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, you will become a professional who is at the forefront of the chemical industry and gain access to the best job opportunities in the sector.

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering

The Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering share a common two-year core that enables students to later decide their preference.

Master’s Degree in Bioengineering

This master’s degree will enable you to acquire highly-advanced knowledge in the different fields of biosciences, master cutting-edge biotechnology, and become thoroughly familiar with current trends in the use of biotechnology.

Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

This master’s degree prepares students to undertake research along with academic and industrial development and production within the pharmaceutical industry and the biomedical sector.