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GEMAT – Materials Engineering

2021 SGR 00537


The GEMAT group (Materials Engineering Group) conducts its activity in three main areas: the development of new functional materials, surface engineering and biomaterials.

In 2001 it joined the Network of Technological Innovation Support Centers (Xarxa IT, Generalitat de Catalunya). In 2009 it was recognised as a member of TECNIO. It has been recognised by AGAUR as a Consolidated Research Group since 2005. It is currently part of IQS TECH TRANSFER URL, a TECNIO accredited agent under the category of technology developer.

In this environment, GEMAT carries out its R&D and technology transfer activities on the following areas:

  • Development of biodegradable polymers.
  • Development of biomaterials for scaffolds.
  • Development of drug delivery systems.
  • Development of inks with conductive and semi-conductive properties.
  • Characterisation of materials and formulations: DMA, rheology, specific surface area, particle size, calorimetric techniques and microscopy.
  • Quantitative analysis of components in polymeric materials.
  • X-ray diffraction analysis.
  • Development of functional polymers: adhesives, polymeric thickeners, flame retardant additives, charge modification, conductive polymers and inks.
  • Qualitative chemical composition studies of paints.
  • Development of industrial formulations: paints, silicones and adhesives.
  • Studies on the coating of ceramic particles.


Research projects