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Martí Lecina Veciana, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Bioengineering


Degree in Chemical Engineering (UAB, 2000)
MSc in Biotechnology (UAB, 2002)
PhD in Biotechnology (UAB, 2007)
Postdoctoral stage in hESC y iPSC (Bioprocessing Technology Institute, Singapore 2008-2010)
Postdoctoral in Bioprocess engineering (Dpt. of Chemical Engineering UAB, 2010-2016).


Junior Assistant Professor (Dpt. of Chemical Engineering, UAB, 2001-2003)
Junior Assistant Professor LUC (Dpt. of Chemical Engineering, UAB, 2004-2007)
part-time Assistant Professor (Dpt. of Chemical Engineering, UAB, 2010-2016).
Assistant Professor (IQS, 2016-2020)
Associate Professor IQS, 2020-

Research lines

  • Development and optimisation of bioprocesses.
  • Cell culture, hESC and iPSC, microalgae, plant cells.
  • Production of recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies and vaccine candidates.
  • Design of bioreactors and single-use elements.