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Bachelor’s Degrees

The admissions process for our Bachelor's Degrees is already open.

The whole process is designed to be done online with the support of the admissions team at all times.

These are the details

How do I apply to IQS?

To apply for an IQS bachelor’s degree, you will have to start the admission process and submit a series of documents so that we can evaluate your profile. The first step of the admission process is to pre-register online.

The entire process, as well as the admission test, are designed so that you can do it completely online. You will have the support of the admissions team in case you have any questions.

Step by step

The first step is to create an account and sign up here. You must save and remember your user name and password as they will enable you to continue the process you have started.

Documentation to upload:

  • Valid ID/Passport.
  • Passport-style photograph in colour with a white
    background in jpg format (176×220 pixels)

Students from the Spanish educational system:

  • Grades from your 1st year secondary school baccalaureate studies and completed grades from your 2nd year.
  • PAU exam grades (if you already have the results).
  • If you are studying an Advanced Vocational Education Cycle (CFGS): your updated academic transcripts.
  • If you have started an undergraduate programme at another university: academic transcript.

Students not from the Spanish educational system:

  • Grades from your last two academic years prior to accessing university.
  • Credential granting you access to the Spanish university system issued by UNEDasiss or favourable decision approving your previous studies prior to accessing university (if you have the results).

• To study the Undergraduate Programme in Business Administration and Management, International Business, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Marketing entirely in English, you must provide proof of your English level (minimum C1, TOEFL 80, or equivalent). If you do not have any official English language certification, for these undergraduate programmes, a specific English level test must be taken in person at IQS which is different from the one that appears on the online admission test.

Admissions test date:

You must select the date to take the admissions test when making your application, based on the established calendar.

Pre-registration payment:

During the process, you must pay a €125 administration and processing fee for your  application. Payment can be made online by credit or debit card. This amount will be refunded only in the event that a student is not admitted to the studies, notwithstanding the right of withdrawal under the legally established terms.*

Check the FAQs here

The online admissions test is a psychometric test and also includes an English level test that all students must take regardless of whether they have an official English certificate.

We will send the instructions for taking the test by email the day before the test.

Admissions tests will be sent to the email address indicated in the online pre-registration, at 3:30 pm (Spanish time) on the date you have selected.

You have 24 hours to take the test: from 3:30 pm on the day the test begins until
3:30 pm the following day

The admissions test lasts approximately three hours

More information

The Admissions Committee will decide on your admission based on your studies, academic results, and the admissions test. The Admissions Committee will inform you on your admission by email within a period of 15 days from the date you took the admissions test (not counting holiday periods such as Christmas, Easter break, or any other holiday which could cause it to be extended beyond 15 days).

A student’s admission is conditional upon meeting the academic requirements necessary for accessing undergraduate studies.

The pre-enrolment payment is mandatory and is the step that must be taken before the enrolment period opens, during which time students must formalize their enrolment.

Once admitted, you have a period of 2 weeks to make your pre-registration payment on the online pre-registration platform by credit or debit card. Otherwise, it will be understood that the student is not interested in continuing with the process and their pre-enrolment will be cancelled.

Pre-enrolment does not entail an additional cost as the sum will be deducted from the total tuition fees when payment is made.

The payment is only refunded in the event that a student does not meet the requirements to access studies at IQS (not having passed the PAU exams, not passing studies prior to accessing university, or not having obtained their student visa), notwithstanding the right of withdrawal under the legally established terms.*.

Pre-Enrolment sums:
Undergraduate Programme in Pharmacy: € 6,705
Undergraduate Programme in Biomedical Sciences: € 3,000
Undergraduate Programme in International Business: € 3,000
Other Undergraduate Programmes and Dual Undergraduate Programmes: € 1,000

Individuals who do not have a Spanish bank account must make their
payment through Flywire:

The enrolment period will open starting the last week of June. Pre-enrolment only ensures that a student can enrol in an undergraduate programme up to 15 days after the opening of the enrolment period. Otherwise, it will be understood that the student is not interested in continuing with the process.

We will send you an email with the credentials and instructions to proceed with your enrolment. During the online enrolment process, the following documentation must be uploaded:

  • Document certifying your access path to university.
    • Document proving your status as an elite or high-level
    athlete, if applicable.
  • Document certifying your special educational needs
    and specifying the curricular adaptations you have
    received, if applicable.

If you make your payment by direct debit, if you have a Spanish bank account, the original of the “SEPA” direct debit order filled out and signed by the holder of the bank account must be submitted. You will find “SEPA” information on the IQS website in the section on the admissions and enrolment process.

Tuition fee


Academic Year 2024 – 2025: €223,50 credit (recognized transfer credit: €156,45)

  • Bachelor’s Degrees 13.410 € (60 credits)
  • Dual Bachelor’s Degree:depends on the number of credits in which you enrol.
  • For students enrolling in the Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing who study at one of the foreign universities with which we have special agreements, the tuition fees will vary the year they study abroad. This variation in the tuition fees also applies for students in the Bachelor’s Degree in International Business who study in the United Kingdom for their last year.


The tuition fee includes a lab coat for new IQS School of Engineering students.

Payment methods

Single payment

Payment in instalments


More information