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Master in Leading Hospitality Innovation

This master’s degree has been designed to be a real-life cultural experience. The programme is taught across three universities in three different European cities. Its main objective is to prepare innovative leaders who think of the hospitality industry not as just another isolated sector, but as a concept that operates across all sectors and businesses and must put the human experience at its core.

Study a master’s degree in three different countries

The Máster en Leading Hospitality Innovation takes place in Maastricht, Dublin, and Barcelona.

Not only will you learn a ton about local culture while living and studying in Maastricht, Dublin, and Barcelona, the experience also represents a journey of personal growth. In addition, you will develop your language skills and become an expert in networking. Overall, it is an unforgettable personal adventure that will take your career forward in today’s hospitality environment.

The combination of theoretical and hands-on learning combined with real-world cultural experiences offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Key information


1 academic year


90 ECTS credits


September 2024


Full time



Consulting projects

30 ECTS credits

Why study the Master in Leading Hospitality Innovation at IQS?

International programme taught by three universities.

Real-world consulting projects.

Live and study at three European universities in Barcelona, Maastricht, and Dublin.

Classes taught by leading experts in the sector, presenting numerous networking possibilities.


Management laboratories with cutting-edge technology.

Live and study in three cities

The Master in Leading Hospitality Innovation allows you to learn and practice the overall skills demanded by the industry through a variety of teaching and learning approaches presented by international faculty in Maastricht, Dublin, and Barcelona. Not only will you learn in the classic sense of the word, but you will also learn with the added value of new experiences that are the natural result of living and studying abroad, working together with fellow students, faculty members, hospitality superstars, and international clients, and getting to know the hospitality industry in different cultural environments.

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