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IQS Careers

The step to the labour market

IQS contributes to society’s economic, scientific, and technological development by training professionals who are capable of taking on positions of responsibility in the companies and industries they join.

At Career Services you’ll find:

  • Personalized care, guidance, and advice when searching for Company Internships related to your background.
  • Unique opportunities for professional growth.
  • Multiple possibilities to acquire key skills for your professional future.
  • More than 500 companies available to carry out internships nationwide or in other countries.
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We offer:

Personalized care, guidance, and advice when searching for internships and initial employment related to the student’s background.

Personalized mentoring sessions and training sessions to facilitate your entry into the workforce.

Internship Forum and Employment Forum to help students find their first internship or job.

We’re here to help you enhance your skills

Our team at IQS Career Services works with you on a professional development programme that enables you to discover yourself as a professional, define your passions, uncover your area of interest, and strengthen your Power Skills.

  • CV and LinkedIn preparation
  • Analytical self-awareness tools
  • Professional and talent profiles
  • Communication techniques
  • Elevator pitch
  • Professional interview


During Talent Week, students are able to take part in mentoring focused on developing skills and preparing for internship interviews. For an entire week, students receive training, coaching, or NLP knowledge. Some of the sessions also focus on team management.

At the end of the week, the Employment Forum is held.

Employment Forum and Internship Forum

The Employment Forum and the Internship Forum are designed so students can establish contacts with companies, conduct interviews if there are open positions, and understand business hiring demands.

Attending these forums enables students to gain an initial contact with the HR staff of leading companies in their sectors and showcase their profiles.

IQS Career Services Team

Gisela Domínguez – IQS Careers Manager –
Raquel Villero – Career Advisor –
Lia Naik – Career Development –
Elisa Moreno – Global Career Events –
Catia Abaji – Career Project Manager –
Sara Botifoll – Alumni Careers Coordinator –

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