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Laboratory of Circular Economy and Sustainability

People in charge

Laboratory dedicated to promoting process integration (reaction-separation) and research into new technologies for the recovery and recycling of gaseous and aqueous effluents, as well as solid waste. The laboratory also has a unit to analyze the sustainability of processes both in the chemical industry and in the water treatment industry through process simulators and life cycle assessment software. It has a consolidated experience in the field of recovery and reuse of greenhouse gases (CO₂, fluorinated gases), water regeneration (through adsorption processes, advanced oxidation processes and membranes) and valorization of solid waste (bioplastics, determination of persistent pollutants).


Equipment and technologies

Areas of work

  • CO₂ Capture
  • CO₂ conversion
  • Recovery of gaseous effluents
  • Waste recovery
  • Water treatments (adsorption, oxidation, membranes)
  • Optimization of environmental technologies
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint


Equipment and technologies
  • Equipment for the study of adsorbents (liquids / gases)
  • Gas solubility measurement equipment for studying liquid absorbents
  • Equipment for advanced oxidation studies (photoreactors, electrochemical reactors)
  • Equipment for wastewater analysis (phmeter, turbidimeter, spectrophotometer, probes)
  • Radiofrequency / plasma reactors
  • Life cycle assessment software
  • Software for simulating chemical processes
  • Simulation software for wastewater treatment processes