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People in charge

Laboratory arising from the collaboration between SCIEX and IQS to promote research in chemical analysis techniques based on high resolution mass spectrometry. This partnership makes the availability of powerful new generation equipment possible in a university environment where research promotes the study of the analytical techniques and their application in industrial environments such as chemistry, biopharma, biotechnology, and proteomics. The cooperation between both entities includes the joint work between SCIEX experts and IQS professors and researchers.

Equipment and technologies

QTOF X500B Equipment connected to an exion LCAD Chromotograph:

  • Obtains a complete unbiased MS and MS/MS record from any sample with known or unknown components.
  • Suitable for qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  • It is used for impurity identification, characterisation of biological drugs and exact mass determination.
  • Intact mass determination, capable of determining the molecular weight of proteins, based on the obtanined spectra.
  • Study of the drug-antibody ratio: to verify the payload of the drug-antibody ratio and its distribution throughout the sample, through reconstructed spectra.

QTRAP 7500 Equipment connected to an Exion LCAD Chromotograph:

  • High robustness, high sensitivity.
  • Ideal for analyses requiring maximum sensitivity in quantification at very low levels, both for small and large molecules.
  • Ionisation probes: ESI and APCI mode.

QTOF X500B connected to Exionlcad chromatograph (SCIEX): Hybrid LC/MS/Ms quadrupole time-of-flight (QTOF) mass spectrometer, with a mass range from 5 to 2250 m/z in quadrupole mode and up to 40 kDa in QTOF mode. It is a device with sensitivities comparable to a high-performance triple quadrupole device, allowing very high scan speeds without compromising resolution and with constant mass accuracy.

Equipment and technologies
  • SCIEX QTOF X500B connected to an ExionLCAD chromatograph (Sciex)
  • SCIEX Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS System – QTRAP (Sciex)
  • SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600 system connected to an ExionLC AD chromatograph (Sciex) and a M5 microLC system (Sciex)