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Campus Life

Chair of Ethics and Christian Thought

The Chair of Ethics and Christian Thought is a department within IQS (Universitat Ramon Llull), a Jesuit Centre for Higher Education. The Chair of Ethics works in both the IQS School of Engineering and the IQS School of Management. The Chair organises:

  • The IQS symposium (annual meeting for reflection for all IQS staff).
  • Christian faith.
  • Seminars for teachers.
  • Seminars for students.
  • Cultural activities.
  • Social volunteering opportunities in Barcelona and foreign countries.

Activities of the Chair

Volunteer work

We provide volunteer opportunities that bring our students in contact with economically disadvantaged individuals.

Welcome and orientation for new students

We enhance and improve our students’ experience through activities like the IQS Students’ Briefing and After-Lunch in line with the university’s philosophy and mission.


We make it possible for our students to learn about the Christian faith and we facilitate a personal and community religious experience in line with IQS’s philosophy and mission.

Academic and research activities

We reflect on the ethical dimension of professions linked to business, economics, chemistry, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, bioengineering, pharmaceuticals and science in general. Our lines of research are Christian Social Thought, Ethics of Technoscience and Humanism in a Technological Society.

Reading club

If you like to read, this club is for you. We will share the vision and discuss previously agreed upon books.

Magis+ Group

The MAGIS group is an open group of students to live faith in community within the university. A space where you can share questions and answers or would you like to have a group where you can reflect and go beyond the daily academic life.

A meeting point

The Chair of Ethics is a meeting point that is intended:

To prompt reflection on the ethical scope of professions associated with business, economics, chemistry, chemical engineering, industrial engineering and general science, and on important social matters.

To encourage awareness of the Christian faith, and to encourage personal and community religious experience.

To offer volunteer activities in keeping with the realities of today’s society, particularly in the most underprivileged sectors.