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Scholarships and Financing

Ask for your scholarship to study at IQS

IQS has four different types of scholarships for bachelor’s degree students. To request the scholarship, you need to be pre-registered and have been admitted to one of our degrees. We also have discounts for students with large families and for the second child at IQS.

Academic Excellence

This scholarship is awarded to incoming bachelor’s students of Spain and Andorra with the best academic records, up to a maximum amount equivalent to 30 credits (maximum scholarship of 50%).

Financial Aid Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who are residents of Spain or Andorra and have financial need. These scholarships are based primarily on your family’s income level and satisfactory academic performance.

Full Tuition

100% scholarship fully covering the cost of tuition intended for students with the best academic records and highly-limited financial resources.

International Student

This scholarship is awarded to students who reside outside of Spain, have financial need, and have excellent academic performance.


IQS offers discounts to students who meet the following conditions. These discounts are not cumulative with one another and are only valid for students who meet any of the special conditions that have been indicated above and can prove it when enrolling. These discounts are not applicable to the Undergraduate Programme in Pharmacy.

Large or single parent family

Students with a large or single parent family. Discount of 5% of the tuition fees as long as this status is accredited. Renewal is automatic as long as the large family card remains valid at the time enrolment is done.

Second sibling at IQS

For students with a sibling who is studying a bachelor’s or master’s degree at IQS. A 5% discount is applicable for the second sibling as long as the first sibling is studying at IQS. For twins in the same academic year, the discount applies to both students.


Financing arrangements

Students and their families can apply for a bank loan for the full or partial payment of tuition through the agreements IQS has in place with different financial institutions.

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