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Accreditations and Rankings

Accreditations and Rankings


ABET  Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET for Chemical Engineering (Curriculum 2009) and Industrial Engineering (Curriculum 2003) studies.

AACSB  Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, USA all IQS School of Management programs accredited.

Aristos Campus Mundus 2015 

In May 2020, the Council of Universities, an institution dependent on the Ministry of Universities, awarded, through Resolution 18/05/2020, institutional accreditation to IQS School of Engineering and IQS School of Management, in recognition of compliance with the Internal Quality Assurance System after AQU Catalunya Evaluation Committee visit.

AQU Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya.

ACCIÓ Generalitat de Catalunya.


Euromaster ECTN European Chemistry Network Association



FINANCIAL TIMES  Master in Management Ranking, recognition for the Master’s Degree in Global Entrepreneurial Management IQS, for the 8th consecutive year. Ranked in the Top 50 worldwide (#35 position), 1rst in the International Course Experience.

SHANGHAI RANKING-GLOBAL RANKING OF ACADEMIC SUBJECT 2023 , the URL among the best 150 universities in the world in Business Administration and the best 200 in Management. In these fields, the best in the Catalan university and the 2nd in Spain.

RANKING CYD 2023, the URL ranks among the Top 10 universities with the best performance in Spain and 5th within the Catalan university system. In the 2022 edition, the fields of knowledge evaluated were Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering, all of which are offered by IQS, with the maximum possible score received in the indicator for the success rate of its graduates.

U-MULTIRANK, in 2022 the URL, placed in the European Top 100, 5th in the Spanish university system and 4th in the Catalan university system.

GEURS 2024, the URL ranks as the 167th best university in the world in employability according to the Global Employability University Ranking and Survey, 7th best in Spain, 2nd in Catalonia, and number 1 private Catalan university.

THE WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKING 2024, within the 601-800 range. Number 1 private Catalan university, 6th in Catalonia, and 10th place in Spain.

THE WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKING BY SUBJECT 2024, 2nd Catalan university and 3rd position in Spain in the Business and Economics discipline. In addition, 1st best Spanish private university in the Engineering discipline.

THE Young University Rankings 2023.  The URL ranked in the 101-105 range worldwide, the 2nd best university in Spain, and the number 1 private university in Catalonia.

THE IMPACT RANKING 2023,  the URL participated with 10 SDGs and has been ranked in all of them, achieving above the global average for universities in 5 SDGs: SDG 5 Gender Equality, SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities, SDG 13 Climate Action, and SDG 16 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. The URL has been ranked in the 601-800 range of the best universities in the world and 1st in Catalonia in SDG 8 “Decent Work and Economic Growth.”

QS BUSINESS MASTERS RANKINGS: MANAGEMENT 2024,  the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management in the “Top 100” worldwide (#72 position) and the Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Management in the 151 position in the world.

QS BUSINESS MASTERS RANKINGS: MARKETING 2024, the Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment in the “Top 100” worldwide (#91-100 position).


The URL is ranked in various areas:

–              “Business & Management”: 1st in Spain and 21st worldwide. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management.

–              “Hospitality and Leisure Management”: Top 5 in Spain (ranked 101-150 worldwide). Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

–              “Marketing”: 1st in Spain (ranked 20-50 worldwide). Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKING 2024, the URL ranks in the 621-630 range worldwide, 19th in Spain, and among the top 5 in Catalonia.

QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKING: SUSTAINABILITY 2024, the URL ranks 5th place in Spain in the environmental sustainability category.

EL MUNDO “250 MASTER” 2023, has continued to recognize the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management as 1st in Spain and the Master’s Degree in Bioengineering in 3rd place in Spain and 1st place for a private university in the Biosciences category. In the Digital Marketing specialty, the Master’s Degree in International Marketing in a Digital Environment stands out among the “Top 5” in Spain.

U Ranking 2023, the URL is ranked in the 1st group of the best universities in Teaching, in the 5th group of universities with the best performance in the Spain, and in the 10th group of universities in Research & Innovation worldwide.

U Ranking de inserción Laboral 2023, the URL ranks 4th place in Catalonia in the overall ranking, and stands out in particular in the field of Business and Administration, ranking as the number 1 Catalan university.

EDUNIVERSAL 2022, the 5 masters of the IQS School of Management according to the “Best Masters Ranking 2022”

-Master’s Degree in Auditing and Management Control (#3 position)

-Dual Master’s Program in International Marketing in a Digital Environment/ International Marketing and Sales Management (#7 position)

-Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Management (#2 position)

-Master’s Degree in Wealth and Financial Management (#2 position)

– Master Global Entrepreneurial Management (#2 position)




ROUND UNIVERSITY RANKING,  IQS 1st position inside the private universities in Catalonia, recognized in its rankings: World University Ranking, Teaching Ranking and Research Ranking.

The URL, 1st Catalan university and 2nd Spanish university in the “Digital Leaders in Higher Education” ranking published by Emerging. IQS features the Master’s Degree in International Marketing in a Digital Environment.


MIT- SPAIN PROGRAM (MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives)

AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)

EUA (European University Association)


ASEBIO (Asociación Española de Bioempresas)


CATALONIABIO & HEALTHTECH  (Organisation that represent companies in the biomedicine and health sector in Catalonia)


AIESEC (Asociación Internacional de Estudiantes de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales)

ATLAS (European Association for Tourism and Leisure Education)

ESERA (European Science Education Research Association)

EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development)

FEIQUE (Federación Empresarial de la Industria Química Española)


IAJBS (International Association of Jesuit Business Schools)

IAJU (International Association of Jesuit Universities)

UNIJES (Universidades Jesuitas de España)

ENTORNO SEGURO  (Protection of Underage Children and Adults in Vulnerability (MAV), in the Works of the Society of Jesus of the Province of Spain)

Quality Mention

Quality Certification of Doctorate in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (MCD2006-00292).