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IQS Organizes the 24th UNIJES Sports Tournament

Institutional 20 March 2024

Held on 15 March at the CEM l’Hospitalet Nord, the 24th UNIJES Sports Tournament was attended by various students from Society of Jesus educational centres, with nearly four hundred participating athletes from the Pontifical University of Comillas, the University of Deusto, ESADE, Loyola University of Andalusia, SAFA, and IQS, which was both host and organizer.

The sports in which students competed were 7-a-side football (men’s), futsal (women’s and men’s), volleyball (women’s, men’s, and co-ed), basketball (women’s and men’s), paddle tennis (women’s and men’s), and tennis (women’s and men’s). The tournament featured participation by 359 student-athletes and 12 referees, in addition to 20 people responsible for organizing the tournament and representatives from the universities. The institution with the best overall performance in the results of the competition was Loyola University of Andalusia.

IQS expressed “the sincerest gratitude to all the students who participated, to the representatives from the universities, and to the Student Life team with the FPCEE Blanquerna internship students, who ensured the event ran smoothly. We would also like to thank the health services, the referees, and the people at CEM l’Hospitalet Nord and FPCEE Blanquerna for the facilities and offering the use of their facilities.”

Organizing a sports day is an opportunity for students to meet new people, encourage healthy habits, and create a feeling of belonging. It is also a great opportunity to give visibility to social projects that promote social inclusion. In this regard, it is worth highlighting the collaboration of the referees, who came from the Migra Studium Foundation and the menus provided by the Cassià Just – Cuina Justa Foundation.

The IQS organizing team thanks UNIJES for promoting sports among young people, as well as for its support in holding the tournament.