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IQS da la bienvenida al nuevo estudiantado

Prospective students 13 September 2023

IQS celebró, los pasados 7 y 8 de setiembre, los actos de bienvenida a los más de 580 estudiantes de nuevo ingreso, matriculados en los 10 grados y 4 dobles grados que se imparten en el curso 23-24.

This past 7th and 8th September, IQS celebrated the welcoming events for the more than 580 new students enrolled in the ten undergraduate programmes and four dual undergraduate programmes offered at the school in academic year 23-24.

Dr Salvador Borrós, Director of IQS, Dr Jordi Díaz, Dean of the IQS School of Engineering, Dr Flavio Comim, Dean of the IQS School of Management, and Dr Oriol Quintana, Identity and Mission Delegate, welcomed the new university students on their first day at the school. Dr Concepció Mestres, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Blanquerna, joined in at the event by presenting the students in the Undergraduate Programme in Pharmacy.

The welcome events also included participation by undergraduate and dual undergraduate programme coordinators and tutors, discussions with IQS Alumni holding different degrees who explained their experience to new students, a session about opportunities for participating in student life on campus, a brief explanation about the IQS Identity and Mission, and an introduction to teaching technology platforms. The presentation of the "IQS – Universitat Ramon Llull" application, an information and participation tool for students, also played a prominent role during the welcome events.

Team building and networking activities were also held, led by students from various programmes with the aim of reaching a greater sense of belonging for new students at IQS right from the very first day. The Student Committee Fair rounded out the events.

On 6th September, international students were hosted at an initial welcome session to specifically address the needs of students who face the unfamiliarity of joining a university outside their home country for the first time.

IQS offers the Undergraduate Programmes in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, Industrial Engineering, Biotechnology, and Biomedical Sciences plus four Dual Undergraduate Programmes in science from within the IQS School of Engineering; while IQS offers the Undergraduate Programmes in Business Administration and Management, Marketing, International Business, and Tourism and Hospitality Management plus the Dual Undergraduate Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management and Marketing from within the IQS School of Management.