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International Week of the Universidad Panamericana de Guadalajara at IQS

Programmes 10 July 2024
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Business master’s degree students from the Universidad Panamericana de Guadalajara (Mexico) had the opportunity to participate in an enriching academic and professional experience during the International Week organized by IQS. Designed to offer an in-depth look into innovation and entrepreneurship topics, the event took place over a week full of educational activities and hands-on experiences.

During their time in Barcelona, the students attended specialized classes on innovation taught by Professor Juanjo Marín, an expert in business innovation. The sessions addressed various aspects of the innovation process, from coming up with ideas to implementing disruptive solutions on the market. The students asked questions and participated in discussions that allowed them to delve into the topics discussed and explore new perspectives on the future of innovation.

Throughout the week, students also paid a visit to Tech Barcelona, an innovation and technology ecosystem that is home to a wide range of startups and emerging companies in the Catalan capital. During their visit, students had the opportunity to meet representatives from several startups, including Mutter Ventures and Byhours, and explore the innovative projects that these companies are working on. Direct interaction with entrepreneurs and industry leaders allowed students to gain a clearer view of the challenges and opportunities in the world of entrepreneurship, as well as learn first-hand about the strategies that startups are using to position themselves in the competitive technology market.

On the second day of their trip, the master’s degree students visited the Port of Barcelona, one of the most important port infrastructures on the Mediterranean. The students toured the port facilities on a boat tour, where they learned about the complex logistics that support one of the main entry and exit ports for goods in Europe. In addition, they were presented with a detailed vision of the port’s competitive strategy and its sustainability plans for upcoming years, which allowed them to understand how an infrastructure of this magnitude faces environmental challenges and seeks innovative solutions to improve its ecological and economic impact.

The end of the event was marked by a visit to Bodegas Familia Torres, a historic winery with a long tradition in producing high quality wine. During the visit, students were guided through the winery’s rich history, going from its origins to its current winemaking practices and philosophies. The students also participated in a wine tasting offered by the winery, which gave them a sensory experience that complemented theoretical education with a hands-on experience.

Altogether, this week of activities in Barcelona not only allowed students from the Universidad Panamericana de Guadalajara to enrich their knowledge in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, but they were also able to establish professional connections with international experts and entrepreneurs. The experience students gained during International Week at IQS was instrumental in the academic and professional development of the Mexican university students, providing them with tools, knowledge, and networks that will be highly useful in their future careers in the field of innovation.