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Natalia Rosales

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

What I would highlight most about the Marketing programme here at IQS is the possibility to do a double degree abroad.

What would you highlight from the program?

What I would highlight the most about the Marketing program here at IQS, is the possibility of doing a Double Degree abroad. This means that with the 4 years of the marketing degree, you have the possibility to go abroad in the third or fourth year. In the third year you can go to Rennes (France), Newcastle (UK) or Jönköping (Sweden) and in the fourth year you can go to Pforzheim (Germany) where you will study for a year and a half because you will be doing 5 months of internship in a company there.

On the other hand, if in the end for any reason you don’t end up doing this Double Degree, nothing happens because at IQS we get together with foreign students who do the exchange, so we also meet new people, we use and improve our English, and we also enjoy this “international” part.

I would also highlight the evaluation method at IQS as there are midterm/evaluations prior to the final exam, along with various papers to be submitted.

Why did you choose IQS?

I knew some time ago that I was interested in the business side, advertising, marketing, social networks, etc. I could not decide between studying Business Administration or Advertising, so when I saw the IQS program I saw that it offered everything I had in mind and it included everything in one degree. So far I have been able to study and put into practice everything that caught my attention and that is why I am very satisfied.

What skills are you acquiring through this degree?

The competencies I would highlight the most is teamwork, mainly because most of the practical work is in groups and you have to get used to the idea that if in the future you have to work in a team, you will also have to know how to do your job and how to make a team work. In addition, I could also highlight the competence of organization.

Also, I would highlight the ability to learn using practical cases, not only that the professor explains the theory but that the students have to apply this theory to a real case. A very recent example from this last course: in the subject of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we did an assignment for a real Spanish brand of sunglasses and we had to present to the CEO of the brand a “customer retention plan” along with more points related to the class theory.

What would you tell a student who wants to study at IQS?

I would say: Welcome to university life. You will meet new classmates, you can join Student Life associations such as parties, book club, sports club (where there are teams and competitions from men’s and women’s soccer to paddle tennis), I would say that you will enjoy parties on campus and much more! But there will also be moments of hard work, deliveries, exams, presentations, as everywhere, but if you know how to prioritize and organize yourself there is nothing to worry about. 😉