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Miguel Samón

Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering

This degree allows you to learn and get to know all types of technology in a generic way, which will allow you to assess in the future with a very broad vision.

What would you highlight from the program?

It allows you to learn and know all types of technology in a generic way, which will allow you in the future to assess with a very broad vision. It gives you the necessary knowledge and logic of how a product works, essential for management positions (2 out of 3 CEOs are engineers), to manage teams in an optimal way. One of the practices that impacted me the most, in the SEAT laboratory, was to disassemble a diesel engine (TDI) of the Volkswagen group, used in some models of Audi, SEAT, among others, to see in detail the operation of this and reassemble it understanding each mechanism that makes it work. Something very complex that, with this opportunity, I was able to understand perfectly.

Why did you choose IQS?

Because of its reputation, job placement, the close relationship with the professors and the large number of laboratories where you can put into practice what you learn in class. At IQS there are very diverse and interesting people who can provide you with opportunities in the not too distant future.

What skills are you acquiring through this degree?

Great analytical and problem-solving skills, highly sought after in today’s professional world. Resilience, never give up and push forward in difficult times.

What would you tell a student who wants to study at IQS?

To take advantage of the opportunities given to them (laboratories, international experiences). Make good friendships that will last a lifetime, with whom you will live many moments. To bring things up to date, but above all, to never give up, sometimes things do not go as you want, but everything is possible.