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Marina Oriol

Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Business Administration and Management

What I would highlight most about the degree is the amount of laboratory hours that are carried out in each course. I would also highlight the fact that we work in small groups, which makes it much easier to follow the classes and get to grips with the concepts.

What would you highlight from the degree?

What I would highlight the most about the degree is the amount of laboratory hours that are done in each course. In addition, I would highlight the fact of working in small groups that makes it much easier to follow the classes and achieve the concepts. Finally, it is also important to highlight the close relationship between professors and students and the facilities that this provides in the resolution of doubts and problems that may arise during the course.

Could you briefly describe the grade?

The Double Degree in Chemistry and Business Administration consists of combining the two degrees simultaneously, taking the Chemistry degree in the mornings and taking several subjects of Business Administration in the afternoons. In this way, in 5 years you get two degrees. Despite taking more subjects, you do the same hours of laboratory and classes and receive the same training as a person who only takes one of the degrees. In addition, it should be noted that it is done in a compact schedule so that you can make the most of the day and have time to study in the afternoons.

What do you like the most about the degree?

What I like the most is to be able to combine the two degrees in a simple way. What I like most about the Chemistry Degree is the large number of laboratory hours, as I think they are the best way to achieve concepts and to see the real application of everything we study. On the other hand, I like the fact that, since the classes are in small groups where we all take a double degree, we have a lot of flexibility and understanding from the professors to try to do the same as the other students in the most convenient way for us.

Why did you choose IQS and what would you highlight about the university?

I chose IQS because it gave me the opportunity to study a double degree in Chemistry and Business Administration, and it is one of the best universities to study a degree in Chemistry. I would especially like to highlight the facilities of the university, since they work in very well equipped laboratories and in modern classrooms prepared to work in groups and to make dynamic classes.

Have you done an internship and can you talk about it?

I start my internship this summer at Zoetis, an animal pharmaceutical company and will be working in the laboratory.

What skills have you gained from the degree?

Apart from the necessary theoretical knowledge, thanks to the degree I have acquired the necessary skills to work in the laboratory. In addition, I have been able to develop other very important skills such as the ability to work in a team, organizational skills or the ability to speak in public and make oral presentations fluently, both in Catalan and English. These are interpersonal skills that are worked on in both careers and are very important for the working world.

What would you tell a student who wants to study at IQS?

I would say that choosing IQS is to ensure an exceptional education and a close environment. If you are clear that you want to study Chemistry or the double degree, then it is the best option because the amount of lab hours and facilities that IQS offers you will not find anywhere else.