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Gerard Vilanova

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry

The teaching staff is excellent and very well qualified. Everything I have learned in the hours spent in the lab, I have enjoyed very much.

What would you highlight from the program?

It is difficult to choose what I would highlight the most about the program, since it has been 5 years of experiences, initiatives, efforts and dedication. In the chemistry part I would highlight all the knowledge that I have been able to learn thanks to a very qualified, professional and excellent teaching staff. In addition, one of the things that has marked me the most and from which I have learned a lot have been all the laboratory hours that I have been doing since the first year of my career.

Why did you choose IQS?

At the beginning when you choose a career or a university you are never sure. IQS offered me the option of a double degree, which seemed very interesting to me because I had only planned to do chemistry, and IQS offered me the multiple option. I started to look for other alternatives, other universities after all, but because of the way they told me about the projects, the professional opportunities and the future projection, I thought IQS was the best option.

What skills are you acquiring through this degree?

Chemistry is a very broad field. There are different fields, the field in which I feel more identified and I specialize is the world of organic chemistry. Everything I have learned, from the first year of my career until now, in the hours dedicated to the laboratory, I have enjoyed it very much and it has helped me to learn, to develop myself in my professional field. Carrying all the knowledge with me and taking it to the professional world that is coming to me now, makes me feel at ease because I know that I am prepared.

What would you tell a student who wants to study at IQS?

I think IQS is an excellent university, for the level, for everything I have experienced and for what I can compare with other colleagues from other universities I think it is a center with great potential. I am very satisfied for everything I have learned, as I said before, I think the faculty is excellent and very well qualified, I have been able to meet professors that have really inspired me and I have been able to learn a lot from them.

I would recommend a future IQS student to get information about all the universities that offer the career he wants to study and make a completely unbiased decision from a point of view that he considers. From my experience, I am very satisfied with IQS.