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David Jori

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

The content of the subjects is designed so that the student learns week by week.

What are you studying at IQS?

My name is David Jori and I am a 4th year marketing student. Last year I spent a whole year living in France, taking the double degree program. During this year I traveled and met people from all over the world. Currently, I am in the situation of starting my final thesis and looking for an internship.

What would you highlight about the degree?

The main thing that stands out about the degree is the use of the language, since most subjects are taught in English. Although it is not 100%, there is a significant presence of this language. Since I started the degree until now, I have improved my fluency both in speaking and writing. Perhaps at first it can be a little scary to go into a career in English after having studied in Spanish since I was a child. However, once you get started, it comes naturally to write in English. In addition, not only is there the opportunity to do an ERASMUS program, but there is also the “double degree” program, where you can study for a whole year in a foreign country, thus obtaining the degree of another university degree in this foreign university.

Regarding the content of the degree, I would like to highlight the approach of most of the subjects. They are designed so that the student learns progressively week after week, that is, without having to study all the material only at the end of the course for final exams or final projects. The professors usually spend two weeks explaining a part of the content, and we have to apply it to the project that we will develop throughout the course. In this way, going to class makes sense and we students are not forced to spend the last two weeks of class studying or working intensively on the final project, but we can progressively advance.

What do you like most about IQS?

I come from studying at the Jesuit School Sarriá – San Ignacio, and during these years I have experienced a feeling of being at home. What stands out the most is the values and the way they treat us. Perhaps someone might think that having a tutor and that they know our name at the university means that they are watching us like the school. But it has nothing to do with this. On the contrary, the tutors provide us with the facilities we need and try to make sure we are the best we can be, without ever exerting excessive control.

Why did you choose to study this degree?

In my case, I have always liked the business field, and ADE did not seem like a bad option, just that when I saw the subjects of one degree and the other I found them more attractive. Perhaps because in this degree we have worked on things that are on the rise and are in great demand by today’s companies.

What would you say to a student who wants to come to study at IQS?

What I have learned over the years and, after talking to friends who study at other universities, is that here at IQS, if you keep up with the assignments, since there is work every week, you will never feel overwhelmed. At IQS, even if there are exams, assignments carry a lot of weight. If you do them on a regular basis, you will be able to enjoy student life more. Also, for me and my group of friends, going to college is very enjoyable and fun. During breaks, you get out of class and meet your friends from other degrees, such as ADE or even engineers. There is a great campus atmosphere.