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Blanca Isart

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry

From this degree I would highlight the opportunity to acquire a very broad knowledge, I value the fact that I have been able to learn more things than I initially expected to learn.

What would you highlight from the degree?

From this degree I would highlight the opportunity to acquire a very broad knowledge, I value the fact that I have been able to learn more things than I initially expected to learn. In my personal experience within the degree I have ended up focusing on knowledge that I would never have associated with those of a chemistry and that in the end I have ended up understanding the importance they have for work life and in some cases, personal, also enjoying them very much. I emphasize, above all, with my knowledge, being able to answer questions that I had never questioned or that previously had no answer.

Could you briefly describe the degree?

First of all, I would say that it is an expensive degree. It involves many hours of work and dedication. However, it is a degree in which all this work is worth it. It is a degree that has a part of theory, in which during the first year basic knowledge is taught to be able to have tools throughout the rest of the career, and later on it goes into more concrete matters. Also all this part of theory is complemented daily with the practical part during the extensive laboratory hours. The fact that the theoretical and practical parts of the course go hand in hand at the university makes it possible to acquire the knowledge in a much more advantageous and friendly way.

What do you like most about the degree?

What I like most about the degree, first of all, as I mentioned before, has been all the knowledge that I have been able to achieve in part to the passion of some of the professors. On the other hand, the laboratory has been an essential tool to observe on a real scale the importance of everything learned, teaching us also very diverse things that sometimes in the classroom are difficult to learn, which I also value very much.

Why did you choose IQS and what would you highlight about the university?

First of all, I chose this university mainly because of the laboratory hours it offered, understanding that for the type of career I wanted to do it was a very important part. However, over time I have been able to highlight several things about this university. Although many other places have their shortcomings, I think it is a university that ensures that its students leave very well prepared and they achieve it. I also think that in general, you learn to appreciate the beauty of what you are working on because, as I said before, many professors work with passion and know how to transmit it. On the other hand, I think it is a demanding university that in many cases also teaches the importance of hard work and perseverance.

What skills have you acquired through the degree?

I have learned to be more systematic and more orderly and I have also learned to be more demanding and meticulous thanks to the laboratory and the workload that a degree like this requires. In general I think that the degree has been very important in helping me to be a more organized person and, on the other hand, because of the type of knowledge that is taught, I have also learned to order and structure many ideas in my head.

What would you tell a student who wants to study at IQS?

What I would say to an IQS student is, first of all, never give up, especially during the first year, as it is the most complicated and it may seem that you never get to the next step. Whatever it takes more or less time, whether for one reason or another, as well as many things in this world, can be achieved as long as desire and interest rule. However, I would say that just as you fight for your career, never stop fighting for the other important things that occupy your life, such as music, writing, philosophy or art in general. Always remember that the chosen career is the top priority, but that the rest should never be left aside, since the value they have is of a transcendence not forgettable and that makes us all more valid people also within the world of science.