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Biel Salvador

Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences

I chose IQS because of the curriculum, which included many practical hours and a good selection of credits.

What would you highlight from the degree?

I would highlight several aspects of the degree, for example, the correct development in which it is being carried out. The professionalism and at the same time the closeness of the professors, as well as the possibility of quickly establishing a connection with classmates as it is a small group of students. In addition, the facilities are equipped with all the necessary material to carry out our experiments.

What do you like most about the degree?

The opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired. Gradually gaining autonomy in the laboratory and being able to make theoretical aspects tangible, reaching their complete understanding, all thanks to the large number of hours devoted to this purpose.

Why did you choose IQS and what would you highlight about the university?

I chose IQS because of its curriculum, which includes a large number of practical hours and a careful selection of credits. Also, the excellence of its faculty, always ready to answer our questions, and the integration into a large university community were determining factors in my choice.

One of the aspects that I would highlight the most about IQS are the material and human resources it offers. The university has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, providing students with the opportunity to receive quality training and optimal preparation for their future professional careers. In addition, the teaching and administrative staff is always available to support and guide students in their learning process.

What would you tell a student who wants to study at IQS?

To a future student, I would say that IQS will provide all the necessary resources to obtain the highest quality training, with the objective of promoting both professional and personal growth. At IQS, IQS will provide the necessary support and tools, but it will be the student’s responsibility to make the most of these opportunities and to actively engage in study and learning. Success will depend on individual effort and determination to achieve academic and personal goals.