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Roger Estrada Tejedor, PhD

Head of GQF Group - Associate Professor

Department of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Master’s degree in Applied Statistics (2013, UNED).
PhD at Ramon Llull University (URL, 2011).
Chemical Engineer degree at IQS (IQS, 2006).
Degree in Chemistry at Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS), Ramon Llull University (URL, 2004).


Assistant Professor (2013)
Lecturer (AQU,2015)
Associate Professor (2020)

Research lines

  • Drug design using computational techniques.
  • Implementation of new algorithms based on artificial intelligence and their application in the field of medicinal chemistry




Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

This master’s degree prepares students to undertake research along with academic and industrial development and production within the pharmaceutical industry and the biomedical sector.

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry

With the IQS Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, you will become a professional who is at the forefront of the chemical industry and gain access to the best job opportunities in the sector.

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering

The Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering share a common two-year core that enables students to later decide their preference.

Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy

The IQS-Blanquerna Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy provides a solid foundation of knowledge in Community Pharmacies, Hospital Pharmacies, and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Research projects