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Octasiano Miguel Valerio Mendoza, PhD

Head of SEE Group - Assistant Professor

Department of Quantitative Methods


PhD in International Development (2017, Nagoya University)
Master of Arts in International Development (2014, Nagoya University)
Bachelor of Science in Finance (2008, Fairleigh Dickinson University)


Assistant Professor
Marie Skłodowska-Curie FellowResearch and Teaching Assistant (Nagoya University, 2012-2017)
Analyst-Consultant (Scholastic Corporation, 2008-2011)

Research lines

  • Economic and educational inequalities in China’s special economic zones and open cities.
  • Determinants of educational attainment and educational inequality in urban China.
  • The relation between infrastructure development, inequality, and urban sustainability.
  • The relation between corruption, educational inequalities, and the middle-income trap.
  • Applied econometrics.