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Jordi Teixidó Closa, PhD

Academic Organisation and Quality. Vice-Rector URL - Head of Molecular Design Lab. - Professor

Department of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry


PhD Chemical Engineering (1991, IQS).
Degree in Chemistry (1993, URL).
Chemical Engineering (1987, IQS)


Professor, 2005-
Head of the Molecular Design Laboratory at IQS
Secretary General 2012 – 2014
Dean of IQS School of Engineering 2014 – 2020
Vice-Rector for Academic Organization and Quality of URL 2020 – 2022
Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation of URL 2022 –

Research lines

  • Molecular Design: Computational Chemistry and Chemometric methods applied to the design and synthesis of new molecules.
  • Design and synthesis of new inhibitors of GPCR, TK and RTK, HIV (AIDS) and HCV (Hepatitis C).