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Students at the core

Student Life

University life goes far beyond the classroom

IQS strives to offer students a complete university experience that goes far beyond the classroom. An excellent campus encompasses both academic and leisure activities. IQS hosts activities such as Sports Day, IQBrunch, IQS Green Fridays, the Debate League, and more.

These activities support lasting bonds among both undergraduate and graduate students!

At IQS you can combine educational activities with solid academic rigour and experiences that will enrich your time at the university. All of this falls under the umbrella of the Student Life Office, a department that was created to be there for students right from their very first day at IQS.

Campus Life

Activities by and for students

Sports leagues

Join one of our sports teams that compete annually in local and national leagues. Join football, basketball, and volleyball teams.


There’s more than just studying! Once a semester, IQS student representatives and the Student Life Office organize an afternoon with music so students can interact with classmates from their own and other programmes and years.


Sports Day

Every year we organize Sports Day, where students can sign up for different sports and compete with their classmates.

Green Fridays IQS

If you are interested in environmental issues and sustainability and want to take part in the fight against climate change, this is the group for you! Participate in the sessions that take place one Friday a month.


Debate club

If you are interested in current events that impact society, you can join the debate club and share your thoughts with other IQS students.


International volunteering

With the Vola programme you will be able to do European volunteering and a learning-by-service programme.


A club for entrepreneurship afficionados. A space to learn, exchange knowledge, and talk about entrepreneurship.

Talent Week

During IQS Talent Week, students will be able to get to know leading companies in the sector and carry out team activities and workshops.

Support service

IQS provides students with a wide range of support services during their time at our university. They can access these services whenever they need to focus on their wellbeing and experience at IQS.


This service provides psychological support for issues related to keeping up with studies, mental health, or personal and family relationships.

Spiritual and Religious Support Service

Spiritual support and a religious focus on issues related to careers, personal or professional issues, and questions about purpose.

Share the campus with your classmates

Through activities such as Sports Day, IQFest, and forums for discussion and support, you will find countless opportunities at IQS to connect with your classmates as you share your passions and hobbies while developing new skills.

IQS believes in the value of human connection and the transformative power of sharing experiences with your classmates. Each student forms part of our community, where experiences are shared to enrich your time at university.

On-campus activities



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