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SWIR (Automatic processing of shortwave infrared images: first steps towards cancer theragnosis using photobiological chemistry)

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01/01/2023 a 31/12/2023

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Proyecto Individual

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Universitat Ramon Llull


12,500 €

This project is based on the application of shortwave infrared (SWIR) for cancer therapy

The main goal of this proposal is to combine the research knowledge of the Applied Photobiological Chemistry (AppLightChem) research group at IQS and the Human-Environment Research (HER) group at La Salle in a common endeavor: the application of short-wave infrared (SWIR) light for cancer theragnosis (e.g., its use in fluorescence-guided surgery).

Objective 1: Develop a SWIR imaging device to image the SWIR emission from novel SWIR fluorophores and/or the weak phosphorescence of singlet oxygen.

Objective 2: Develop image denoising algorithms to enhance the images obtained via the SWIR imaging system.