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Dr. Roger Bresolí Obach

Profesor Asociado - Investigador Ramón y Cajal

Departamento de Química Analítica y Aplicada


Líneas de investigación

  • Desarrollo de métodos de imagen en el infrarrojo cercano
  • Fotoquímica Biológica – Terapia Fotodinámica
  • Materiales Fotofuncionales
  • Trampas y enlaces ópticos en interfases



Proyectos de investigación

FastComet (Future Data Storage Using Colloidal Memory Technology)

Novel colloidal memory concept in which colloidal nanoparticles (NPs) are considered carriers of the data, and by means of the electrodes, applied frequencies and electrophoresis, particles are arranged in specific sequences in the capillaries to store data.
GEMAT – Ingeniería de Materiales

SWIR (Automatic processing of shortwave infrared images: first steps towards cancer theragnosis using photobiological chemistry)

This project is based on the application of shortwave infrared (SWIR) for cancer therapy
AppLightChem – Applied Photobiological Chemistry

Chemphot (chemistry of photons: from photobiology to optical matter)

Innovative treatment of infections and cancer using real-time monitoring of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) using self-reporting non-toxic photosensitizers
AppLightChem – Applied Photobiological Chemistry

Theranostic photosensitizers (Phosphorescence-guided surgery combined with photodynamic therapy)

Photodynamic therapy uses harmless light in live cells and animal to activate non- toxic photosensitive chemicals photosensitizers to generate cytotoxic species for malignant cell eradication (cancer cells, bacterial infections).
AppLightChem – Applied Photobiological Chemistry

Lightcompas (Exploring light-matter interactions and forces in complex particle arrays)

New knowledge to bring a focused understanding of interactions between light and matter opening up new frontiers in Nano-Optoelectronics, Optical Microscopy, Nano/Bio-sensing, Optical Communications, (Bio-)Optical Manipulation
AppLightChem – Applied Photobiological Chemistry