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Neuromarketing Solutions (Services for the Catalan business ecosystem)

Fuente de financiación:

Generalitat de Catalunya


01/02/2024 a 31/07/2024

Tipología del proyecto:

Proyecto Individual

Entidad financiadora:




Neuro and biosensors consumer behavior.

This project aims to test the viability of a technology-based business idea to offer applied advanced neuromarketing solutions to various partners, including businesses, NGOs, and public administration entities in Catalonia.

To do so, this initiative seeks to leverage the expertise and technology within IQS Neuro & Digital Marketing Lab (Lab) to pre-test (to subsequently further develop) a comprehensive portfolio of consultancy projects that facilitate knowledge transfer for these partners.

The specific objectives for this project are:
1. Market situation knowledge: to identify and understand the market’s needs,
2. Product-services pre-tests:
3. Knowledge Consolidation:
4. Knowledge Transfer & Communication Plan.

The project prioritizes the active involvement of end users (organizations) in its co-creation process. We engage organizations, seeking their input, needs, perceptions, and beliefs towards neuromarketing solutions.

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