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EUROFUSION (European Research Roadmap for Nuclear Fusion)

Fuente de financiación:

Unión Europea


01/01/2021 a 30/12/2025

Tipología del proyecto:

Proyecto consorcio europeo

Estado del proyecto:


Entidad financiadora:

Comisión Europea (CE)


297,500 €

Implementation of activities described in the Roadmap to Fusion during Horizon Europe through a joint programme of the members of the EUROfusion consortium.

EUROfusion’s updated Fusion Research Roadmap aims to acquire the knowledge to start constructing a demonstration fusion power plant (DEMO) five years after ITER (the world’s largest fusion experiment) is in full-power operation.

DEMO will deliver fusion electricity to the grid early in the second half of the century. The project will implement the activities described in the Roadmap during Horizon Europe thorough a joint programme of the members of the EUROfusion Consortium. IQS participation in EUROfusion is focused in WP 10. The objective of this WP is the development of the Breeding Blanket (BB) System for DEMO, including the Breeding Blanket sectors (BBS) and the associated Tritium Extraction/Removal system.The tritium breeding blanket is a key part of the fusion reactor. It acts as a cooling mechanism, absorbing the energy from the neutrons produced within the plasma by the nuclear fusion reaction between deuterium and tritium (D-T), and also breeding further tritium fuel, that would otherwise be difficult to obtain in sufficient quantities, through the reaction of neutrons with lithium in the blanket.

Subcontracting Research and Experimental Development Services. 

Title: Industrial subcontracting for production and characterization of Pb-16Li alloy (production trial) in TMB. 

Code: 2022/S 093-255722

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  • The three envelopes should be sent to before May 23rd, 2022, 23:59 (local time)