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ADHERE (Evaluation of bioresorbable endovascular patch for treatment of aortic dissection)

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11/03/2024 a 10/03/2027

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La Marató de TV3



First human trial with endovascular bioresorbable patch for aortic dissection

This is a collaborative project betwen IQS and Hospital Clinic de Barcelona funded by Fundació La Marato TV3.

Aortic dissection is a dramatic disease with unacceptable mortality rates (30-80%). Current treatments present severe limitations and must be replaces. IQS and Hospital Clínic have joined forces to solve this unmet need by developing the ultimate solution for aortic dissection: an endovascular device that allows for endogenous regeneration of the aorta instead of artificial replacements. Our biomimetic patch is released on the aorta using a minimally invasive deployment system. The patch mimics the natural mechanical properties of the aorta to secure smooth integration in the native tissue.The main objectives of the project are:

  1. To execute the regulatory bench testing experiments that allow for first in human authorization.
  2. To define the operation limits for the device, with especial focus on patient aortic geometry.
  3. To get regulatory authorization to start a first in human study.
  4. To perform the first in human clinical study of the device in ten type B aortic dissection patients.


Hospital Clínic de Barcelona